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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dentist Appointments

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dentist Appointments

Perhaps you’re considering skipping your next dental appointment because you’re busy. Maybe you’re one of the many people who have dental anxiety. Maybe there’s some other reason. 

Regardless of why you may be planning to skip your next dental visit, Dr. Melissa Daza and Dr. Michelle Schwartz of Bucktown Wicker Park Dental would like to encourage you to reconsider and come in to see us. Regular dental cleanings and exams play an incredibly important role in your oral health, and in your overall health, as well. 

Healthy teeth and gums

The reason dentists and hygienists tell you to brush and floss is plaque. Plaque is clear, sticky, and the primary cause of tooth decay. It’s an acidic substance filled with bacteria, and it builds up on your teeth throughout the day, each day. 

Brushing your teeth helps remove plaque and lowers your risk of developing cavities. However, even daily brushing and flossing can’t banish all plaque. The bits that stay on your teeth harden and become a crusty, brown substance called tartar. 

Brushing doesn’t make tartar go away. When you go to the dentist, a highly skilled professional carefully chips it away. Trying to remove tartar yourself could result in permanent damage. Leaving it on your teeth could result in tooth decay or gum disease. 

As tartar builds up on your teeth and along your gum line, it pushes your gums away from your teeth and creates small pockets where bacteria collect. That bacteria can cause gum disease. 

Periodontitis is an infection in the soft tissues of your mouth, and about half of American adults 30 years old and older have it. If periodontitis is left untreated, it can spread to the bones that support your teeth, meaning you may not just lose teeth — you may actually lose bone. 

If you did lose a tooth, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Experts estimate that almost 180 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and about a third of those between 65 and 74 don’t have any teeth. 

Fresher breath and a brighter smile

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but most people also want a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Substances like coffee, tea, wine, or juice can stain your teeth. When you come in regularly, we can clean those stains away and get rid of microscopic particles that lead to persistent bad breath. 

It’s hard to describe that lovely, post-cleaning feeling. Your teeth will feel smooth and polished, and they’ll look brighter, too. 

Better overall health

You probably aren’t thinking about your physical health when you consider skipping your dental visit. But the fact is, your oral health is linked to your overall health. Maintaining and improving your oral health can help reduce your risk of developing certain conditions like heart disease. 

The bacteria in your mouth can enter your bloodstream and make you more susceptible to infection and cause damage to your organs. You may be at risk for serious health complications with fewer dental visits, including: 

Conversely, if you have certain medical conditions, your oral health may worsen. For example, diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV, and Alzheimer’s disease can all negatively impact your oral health. 

Don’t skip your next dental visit, and if you haven’t scheduled it yet, now’s a great time! Book your appointment at Bucktown Wicker Park Dental today, and enjoy the benefits of regular dental care. 

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