Meet Dr. Michelle Schwartz

A person’s smile is an expression of who they are. A healthy, becoming smile makes a person look and feel good, and gives them confidence to greet the world. I love how, as a dentist, I’m able to make lasting improvements in people’s lives. Whether I’m changing a smile, restoring the ability to chew comfortably, or relieving pain, my patient is healthier and happier when we’re done.

Dentistry to me is about caring for the whole person, not just their teeth. Oral health affects our bodies and vice versa: I want patients to have full health and wellness! I especially love when people return for a recall visit, after we’ve completed a lot of treatment, and they’re smiling and taking pride in their dental health.

I appreciate the variety of my days and how each patient brings with them their own stories, experiences, and dreams. Our conversations make me think, help me better understand the challenges others face, and create a bond that goes beyond patient and provider.

Our Practice and Team

It’s an honor to be a neighborhood dental office. We see our patients when we’re out in the community, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be warmly greeted, with genuine smiles, by them. We have an amazing practice where we use the latest proven techniques and technology, while never neglecting the human aspect of caring for others.

Our team members enjoy working with each other and our dental family. Each of them does their best to make sure patients are comfortable, informed, and excited about taking care of their health.

Education and Continuing Education

After graduating from dental school in 1997, I worked at the UNIC College of Dentistry in the oral medicine and diagnosis clinic and the Ryan White HIV Clinic.

Continually learning is a large part of who I am. Now is an exciting time to be a dentist. There are ongoing changes in dental materials, processes, and technology. It’s my responsibility to stay current on the advances, evaluating each, and decide whether they’re appropriate for my patients.

Each year I complete many dental education courses. I’m Invisalign® certified and have taken multiple postgraduate classes in restorative dentistry.

Professional Memberships

Beyond the Practice

After growing up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, my husband and I have lived in River North for almost 20 years. When I’m not working, I enjoy staying healthy, whether that involves competing in half-marathons or practicing Pilates and yoga. I also like to travel and love reading, especially biographies.

In the Community

I have a certified therapy dog, Shazam, and enjoy our visits to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. I’m also involved in NW Hospital and other outreach programs that involve therapy dogs.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Schwartz, or have any questions, please contact our Chicago dental practice today!

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