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Dental Implants Specialist

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A missing tooth doesn’t have to permanently affect your mouth. With dental implants, Melissa Daza, DDS, and Michelle Schwartz, DDS, offer you a way to restore your smile. These replacement teeth look and work just like your natural teeth so you can continue to enjoy activities like eating, talking, and smiling worry-free. If you’re interested in receiving a dental implant, call Bucktown Wicker Park Dental in Chicago or book your appointment online.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are permanently affixed in your mouth. While dentures and bridges also replace your teeth, a dental implant is the closest you can get to the way a natural tooth looks, feels, and functions.

That’s because dental implants are rooted in your mouth just like any other tooth. Only, rather than having a tooth root as its foundation, the dental implant uses a metal post implanted in your jawbone. A crown that looks and feels like your natural tooth is mounted on the post. Once healed, your dental implant is as strong as a natural tooth and looks just like one. That way, you can smile confidently, eat without worry, and continue to enjoy your daily life.

What is the procedure for getting dental implants?

First, Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Daza places the metal dental implant root into your jawbone. This implant is a small titanium rod. They use local anesthesia during the procedure, and many people report that this process is less painful than a tooth extraction. Then, you wait for the area to heal so that your tooth has a strong foundation. The healing process usually takes about 12 weeks.

Once your implant and your jawbone bond, Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Daza attaches an abutment — which is basically a connector — to your implant root. This allows them to securely attach the replacement tooth, called a crown, to the root.

The crown is custom sized and colored to match your surrounding teeth beautifully so that you won’t even notice it’s there.

How do I care for dental implants?

You care for your dental implant the same way you care for your natural teeth. To keep your implants in top shape, they need to be brushed and flossed with the same regularity as your other teeth. Regular dental checkups are also important in protecting your implant.

If you’re ready to replace your tooth with a permanent one that feels, looks, and works just like a natural tooth, call Bucktown Wicker Park Dental or schedule a visit online to discuss receiving a dental implant.